Today's Inspections


There are no inspections scheduled for today.

**Please be advised inspection times are not guaranteed.**

Please note that most inspections will be conducted next business day, with the exception of roofing inspections. Due to a large amount of roofing inspection requests, we may not be able to conduct your inspection for several days.

For roofing inspections, please select the next business day available to get your inspection scheduled and we will perform the inspection when we can. If the inspection is a 2 story, you MUST let us know it is a 2 story and provide us a phone number to contact for a ladder. DO NOT SET A LADDER until we coordinate with you. 1 story roofs do not need to provide a ladder.


*All work must be complete before scheduling inspection.

*All trades for rough and final inspections must be complete and called for inspection on same day.

*Ensure all contractors on permit prior to scheduling inspection.

*Please leave brief description of inspection details in notes field.

*Inspections will be cancelled if the above has not been completed.